Questionnaires within the head-neck area and kit for odor rehabilitation

In addition to patient surveys, it is important to include and document the patient's own experience (Patient Reported Outcome and Experience Measures). Survey forms are the most common way of assessing PROM and PREM as it is time efficient and ensures that the questions are asked in the same way every time, which facilitates comparison within and between groups.
In the clinic, this type of form can be used to estimate symptoms or treatment effect. They can help patients explain their problems with impaired function and quality of life and aid clinics to identify what the patient experience as their greatest difficulty. You are welcome to use these instruments after registering and specifying the context in which you will use the survey (s). This website also offers instructions on odor rehabilitation after laryngectomy.


Research group

Professor Caterina Finizia and staff

Contact person regarding the questionnaires

Lisa Tuomi, PhD, Speech Language Pathologist ENT Sahlgrenska University Hospital 413 45 Gothenburg.